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Liberty versus "Security" from the Coronavirus

•, by Jacob G. Hornberger

That's because people become so afraid that they are willing, even eager, to fall victim to the siren song that is always sung by government officials: "Just surrender your liberty to us and we will keep you safe, and as soon as the crisis or emergency is over, we will restore your freedom to you. We promise!"

Of course, we are witnessing this phenomenon first hand in the coronavirus outbreak. The crisis is a tyranny-lover's dream, and a liberty-lover's nightmare. Officials at all levels of government are adopting and exercising "emergency" powers that any totalitarian dictator would relish.

Lockdowns. Travel controls. Quarantine zones. Containment areas. Shutdowns. Why, even controls over the sale of guns and ammunitions!

Is life so dear that it must be purchased at any price?

For 30 years, here at The Future of Freedom Foundation we have been calling for a complete separation of healthcare and the state.

No more central planning in healthcare. No more Medicare and Medicaid. No more medical licensure laws. No more governmental healthcare regulations or controls. 

In other words, a total free-market healthcare system. A healthcare system that is totally free of government control, management, regulation, planning, and interference. We have consistently argued that this is the only way — repeat: only way — to achieve a healthy healthcare system.