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IPFS News Link • WTF?

Jim Stone theorizes that the first vaping death that occurred right after the shutdown --

• by NaturalWisdom

I have already gone over this here, but stuff slides off the page quick so in case you missed it

All the links were in the original report, and they were all MSM links, this DID HAPPEN.

In June/July, Ft Detrick Maryland got audited. It was determined that due to "procedural errors" viruses were escaping their biolevel 4 facility "through the sanitary system" and on August 4 they got shut down and remain shut down until today (and probably forever).

Now, one does not shut down ANY facility just because of "procedural errors, " no, those can be fixed quickly. When questioned about the closure, the excuse was then given that "the sanitary system was old and needed to be completely replaced". More patent bullsh*t. Take care of whatever and proceed as usual one would think, but not in this case

Reading through the meta talk, it is fairly easy to plausibly argue that the "procedural errors" were in fact by an unknown mole who smuggled coronavirus out of that facility, and released it in the United States first.

Then, in late August, we got our First vaping death which low and behold matched the symptoms of Coronavirus PERFECTLY. That was probably patient zero, and it was all scammed under the radar as E-cigarrette mayhem.