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News Documentary Compares Homeless Policies in 3 Cities: Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles

•, KOMO News

Seattle's mayor appointed a team to manage the city's networks of shelters and mental-health services, but the condition continues to worsen. [This documentary is worth watching because, unless you personally have visited these disaster zones, you cannot imagine how bad they are and how fast they are growing. However, you will not find a realistic solution in this documentary. The undertone of the narrative is that the government must do more to help these poor people. The producers missed the point that the more government does to "help" people, the more they become dependent on that help, and the larger the welfare bureaucracy will grow.

Welfare agencies would go out of business if they ever eliminated the demand for welfare, so they have an incentive to allow or even encourage social problems to grow, because that justifies bigger budgets for them each year.