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The Narc in Your Next New Car

•, By Eric Peters

Most people don't fall for this because they understand that the "discount" is of a piece with advertising that promises you'll save "up to 20 percent" but actually save you nothing or very little – while always paying more.

Well, your next new car may come standard with the driver monitor already plugged in. Embedded, actually – which means you can't remove it. Or say no thanks to it.  If you buy the car, you buy the embedded narc.

Allstate and Nationwide just announced they've "partnered" with Ford to pre-wire most 2020 (and likely all 2021) model Ford and Lincoln vehicles with the embedded tech to "participate" in what is styled the Milewise program, which uses the vehicle's in-car WiFi to transmit to the mafia data about your driving habits.

Elena Ford, chief customer experience officer at Ford Motor Company say: "This is the latest way we're improving the customer experience . . . (it) makes getting insurance easier for connected-vehicle customers to cover one of their biggest investments – their vehicle – while saving money."

The spiel goes on to promise "savings" of (here it comes) "up to 40 percent."

Ostensibly, the monitoring is merely of the mileage driven – you pay less if you drive less – but what people aren't being told is that the vehicles so equipped are fully capable of transmitting data about everything.