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California Homeowner Threatened by Police After Calling Them to Report Homeless...

•, By Dean Garrison

The homeless crisis in California is well documented.

Trump to California Governor Gavin Newsom: 'Fix your homeless problem or I will'

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Liberal cities in California becoming homeless wastelands as socialist policies FAIL

What isn't well know is that the homeless problem is bringing out a push against private property rights in places like California, Ohio and Oregon.

First let's watch the video from California:

Transcript via Deepclips:

Let me show you the craziest thing you've ever seen, okay? We show up to my house in West Hollywood, okay? Look! This is a tent from two homeless guys. I came home the other day and I'm like, 'hey guys, y'all gotta go.' INSIDE MY F**KING GATE. They jumped my wall and they got their sh*t everywhere. I'm like 'hey guys, you gotta go' and I called the cops.

The cops get here and they say, 'hey, if you touch their shit, we're gonna take you to jail for f**cking up their property. And I'm like, 'dude, it's on my property.' And they're like, 'doesn't matter, don't touch their shit.'