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WATCH: One of Best Orators Alive, UK Politician George Galloway...

•, George Galloway

"This is an obscenity in a country that pretends to believe in the rule of law and justice, who cannot tremble with indignation when we learn!

If you cannot tremble with indignation ... You're not a human being. You have no pulse and you have no soul.

And that's the reality of the so-called fourth estate in this country. I spit upon them!"

Galloway is a brilliant orator. He tells the truth about the Assange travesty. Well worth a listen. If you are in a hurry, watch the last minute.


Thank you.

Honorable Craig Murray, my r.t colleague, Peter Lavelle. Honorable speakers, brothers and sisters, comrades and friends. This is a magnificent event attended by people, as Greg said, of different political stripes, but united in solidarity. With prisoner number A 9 3 7 9 A Why the World Historic Figure. Julian Assange.

I just want to in parentheses make this point.

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