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Why the IRS may be knocking on your door during tax season this year

•, FOX 5 NY

The IRS is stepping up unannounced house calls to those people to remind them to file their taxes on time.

The agency says payment plans can be arranged for taxpayers who cannot pay the total bill to Uncle Sam.

The IRS also reminds people that they need to file on time, even if they can't pay. 

The agency is stepping up face-to-face visits after hiring more revenue officers.

The IRS has come up with a tip sheet so you know it's really the IRS knocking on your door.  It says the agency will never demand immediate payment or demand that you pay taxes without the opportunity to question or appeal the amount they say you owe.

Field agents will not threaten to bring in local police, immigration officers or other law-enforcement to have you arrested for not paying.  The IRS also cannot revoke your driver's license, business licenses or immigration status.

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Comment by Ed Price
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If they knock on your door, ask them to kindly show you the contract that they made. Otherwise get off your property. If you made a contract with them, obey the terms of the contract. It's only the right thing to do. --- If they take you to court, they will indict you in the name of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Require your accuser, THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, himself/herself, to place his/her hand on the Bible, take the oath, get on the stand, and show the harm or damage you did to him/her, with evidence and witnesses. You have the absolute right to do this. Be firm. If they won't back down, take the Commissioner of Internal Revenue Service to court, personally, for not controlling his agents. Demand the same things from him as you did or would from THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.