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"I Am So Angry My Mind's Gone Blank": China Outrage Explodes After Beijing Propaganda

•, Tyler Durden

Yet a video depicting nurses in Gansu Province having their hair shaved off has accomplished just that, while raising serious questions about Beijing's ability to contain the public frustration over its handling of the coronavirus outbreak that spawned COVID 2019.

 In the video report, which was posted by the newspaper "Gansu Daily" - a state-run paper in Gansu to better accommodate the full-body medical gear that they will be wearing in Hubei, where they were being sent by the government.

Many more videos of nurses cutting their hair can be found on YouTube. And what appears to be another propaganda film by the SCMP can be viewed below:

But for whatever reason, that original video triggered a severe backlash that prompted China's censors to spring into action. They took forced the Gansu paper to take the video down from its social media pages and website. Even in the US, it's difficult to find online.