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Sick Instagram pranksters dressed in hazmat suits cause havoc ...


Two Instagram pranksters have outraged New Yorkers by pretending to contaminate a subway carriage with coronavirus.

David Flores and Morris Cordewell donned hazmats suits for the stunt while holding a container filled with liquid that had biological hazard markings on it. 

In the video Cordewell gets up and spills the liquid over the floor as train passengers quickly jump out of harm's way. However, it turns out their bucket contained Kool-Aid juice.

The latest prank comes as the coronavirus death toll soared to over 1,100, with more than 45,000 infected around the world. That includes 12 with the virus in the US.

'The first half people were kinda scared.' Cordewell told Business Insider. 'After we were like "Yo it's a prank," people were laughing.'

'There was one lady with her kids sitting next to me just laughing the whole time. I don't know how she knew it was a joke, but she knew it was a joke the whole time.' He added. 

The New York City MTA, which operates the subway, said it had not been made aware of the video.