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President Emmanuel Macron is evacuated from a packed Paris theatre by armed riot police...


French president Emmanuel Macron was evacuated from a packed theatre by armed riot police last night after a mob of anti-government protesters tried to reach him.

The major security scare saw Mr Macron and his wife Brigitte leaving the Bouffes du Nord in the 10th arrondissement of Paris soon after 10pm.

Video posted on Twitter showed around 30 demonstrators storming the doors of the historic theatre, which is close to the Eurostar railway station in the city.

It followed Taha Bouhafa, a 22-year-old political activist who was sitting just behind the president, videoing the head of state and then inviting people to rush in.

Mr Bouhafa tweeted: 'I am currently at the Bouffes du Nord theatre (Metro station, La Chapelle) 3 rows behind the President of the Republic. Activists are around the corner and are calling on everyone to come in. Something is brewing ... the evening may be hectic.'

Mr Bouhafa is believed to have been arrested for the tweet, while CRS riot police dealt with the mob, some of who got close to Mr and Mrs Macron.

'They were chanting anti-Macron slogans, and generally making life very uncomfortable for the couple and their entourage,' said a witness to the trouble.