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Michigan father, 64, finds $43,000 in cash stuffed in second-hand couch set that he bought...


A Michigan grandfather has been praised for his honesty after finding $43,000 in cash stuffed in the cushions of a second-hand couch he bought for his man cave then tracking down the sofa's seller and returning every penny. 

Howard Kirby, 64, bought the couch and an ottoman for $70 from Habitat for Humanity in Owosso, Michigan. He routinely shops in the store and was picking up items for his man cave. 

After a few weeks of finding the ottoman uncomfortable, he and his daughter-in-law decided to unzip the cushion covers and look inside. 

They were flabbergasted to find $43,000 in cash inside a box. 

Kirby spoke with a lawyer who told him he had no legal right to return it. But he said his faith got the better of him. 

'The Holy Spirit just came over me and said, "No, that's really not yours,"' he said. 

Kirby took the money in a box back to the store where he'd bought it and asked them to track down the person who donated it.