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America's Lawmakers Keep Writing Blank Checks for Foreign Wars

• by Doug Bandow

President Donald Trump promised to put America first in his foreign policy. He hasn't had much success—U.S. forces are still fighting every "endless war" he promised to stop—but at least he theoretically has his priorities right.

In contrast, Congress appears to hate America. Legislators of both parties consistently put other nations first.

There are occasional exceptions, such as Saudi Arabia and Turkey, when the president acts on behalf of foreign governments while Congress targets regimes fundamentally hostile to American interests and values. In most cases, however, it is the legislative branch that acts as if it believes its duty is to represent other countries.

For instance, Congress has consistently acted as the first-line defense for antiquated, Cold War alliances. The latest National Defense Authorization Act would bar the use of funds to withdraw from NATO and set a minimum U.S. garrison of 22,500 troops in South Korea.