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Inside Santa Rosa's mile-long tent city-


Around 185 people are living in 100 tents on a mile-long stretch along Joe Rodota Trial - the biggest homeless encampment the city has ever seen 

A plan to allow them and an estimated 3,000 people living on the streets in Sonoma County to move into the makeshift shelters will be unveiled Tuesday

City leaders will propose fairgrounds for the shelters, after being inspired by how they were used to house people during wildfires and flooding 

The proposal is part of a plan to deal with California's homeless emergency where 130,000 people are living on the streets 

The crisis has left fed-up residents taking extreme measures to keep the homeless out of their neighborhoods 

In San Francisco, residents set up two dozen large boulders along a half-block stretch of sidewalk on Clinton Park to prevent camps from being set up 

In Oakland, business owners placed 10-foot long logs along a commercial street to stop homeless encampments being set up outside their stores