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Reporter Tries to Smear Speaker at Red Pill Expo...

•, G. Edward Griffin

The focus of the article is an attempt to place Montana Utility Commissioner Randy Pinocci in a negative light allegedly for using state funds to promote our event – The Red Pill Expo. When it was learned that no state funds were used for his travel or attendance or any other expense, the fallback "complaint" was that he recorded a short promotional video for us in his facilities. Although there was no additional cost to the state for this two-minute recording session, the reporter treated it as an outrageous misuse of tax dollars.

This, of course, is a bad joke when one considers the very real and very expensive use of government resources for personal projects and political causes that goes on at almost all levels of government today. If this had been a promotion for a global-warming conference organized by Al Gore, we can be sure there would have been no complaint from the Montana Free Press.