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Russia Is Readying For Robot Wars

• Zero Hedge - Tyler Durden

On November 10, the Russian Defense Ministry's Zvezda TV channel revealed the military autonomous robotic complex "Kungas", which is currently undergoing tests in the 12th Central Research Institute of the Russian Defense Ministry. The institute was created in the early 1950s for testing military equipment resistance to various damaging factors, including those arising from a nuclear explosion. The experimental base allows for the simulation of a super powerful shock wave and strong electromagnetic fields.

The "Kungas" includes 5 unmanned ground vehicles: a "man-portable" robot, a "light" robot, a "transportable" robot, a Nerekhta combat robot, and a robotic version of the BTR-MDM Shell armoured personnel carrier.

The Russian military did not provide extensive details on the project. However, data from open sources and released videos allows us to get a general look at the "Kungas" complex of robots. Included robots are as follows:

A "man-portable" reconnaissance UGV with a manipulator. Its weight is 12 kg.

A "light" UGV. It can carry an engineering manipulator or a combat module. The combat module may include one of the following: an anti-tank missile package of up to 4 missiles, a PKTM 7.62 mm machine gun, a grenade launcher, or a flamethrower system (i.e. Rocket-propelled Infantry Flamethrower). It's weight is 200 kg.

A "transportable" fire support and reconnaissance combat UGV. The combat module includes a 300-round Kord 12.7 mm heavy machine gun and a 90-round AG-30 automatic grenade launcher. Its weight is 2t. There are various configurations of this AGV.

The combat robot Nerekhta. The combat module, in various options, is equipped with a 300-round Kord 12.7 mm machine-gun or a Kalashnikov 7.62 mm tank machine-gun. Additionally the module can be equipped with the 90-round automatic grenade launcher AG-30M. In addition to these weapons, the combat robot can carry 500 kg of ammunition and equipment. Nerekhta comes in various configurations, including reconnaissance, medical, transport, electronic warfare and other variants.

A robotic version of the BTR-MDM Shell armoured personnel carrier. There are various configurations. The robot is armed with a Kord 12.7 mm machine gun or a PKTM 7.62 mm machine gun, and a 300-round automatic grenade launcher AG-30. Its main purpose is that of a transport module and fire support vehicle. The weight of the robot is 17t.

According to the report by Zvezda TV, all of these combat robots can be controlled remotely from a single command post. This means that they are controlled by a unified control system within a single intelligent network. In this case, the concept is that any combat robot, or a group of combat robots, can be controlled remotely from a single control center. The composition and number of controlled robots can differ depending on the situation and the task. Experts suggest that robots of the "Kungas" complex have the potential, after further development and improvement, to perform tasks autonomously, without direct control by an operator. In this case, the operator's main task will be to oversee the autonomous task performance by Kungas robots and intervene in critical situations only.

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