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'I've can do anything I want, I'm a police officer':


A white police officer has been fired after being caught on camera angrily confronting two black men outside a Nordstrom Rack and accusing them of being 'suspicious'.

Lawrence Township Deputy Constable Daryl Jones approached cousins Aaron Blackwell and Durell Cunningham as they drove out of the parking lot of the store in the north side of Indianapolis.

The pair recorded the confrontation after an earlier encounter with Jones, who they said had racially profiled them and tried to run their car plates.

Jones demanded the pair showed him identification and threatened to lock them up when they demanded to know why he had stopped them.  

He told the customers that they were being stopped 'because you're suspicious.'

When they say he has no right to stop them, the officer yells: 'I've got my rights to do anything that I want to do, I'm a police officer.'