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CIA Must Divulge Their Whistleblower's Sikh Terrorist Connections - Part 2

• By Yoichi Shimatsu

 (all of these should already be in the CIA employee file, but need double-checking) to ascertain his actual identity and family links.

To evade suspicion over Eric's swarthy complexion inherited from his biological father, a notorious Sikh guru in the employ of James Angleton, the Brennan-Comey plotters are likely to insert an Italian-American step-brother in his stead. While writer C.J. Ciarametta with Reason magazine, who also sports a Sikh beard, is known in New York circles, the third brother is a cipher, whose photo image has already been posted online in the stead of the adoptive Eric "Ciarametta' Khalsa-Angleton.

This precautionary measure must be taken due to the disgruntlement of thousands of Eric's heavily armed Sikh co-believers, both of Indian and Caucasian descent, already angered by a federal court's recent ruling against corruption and fraud by the Sikh-run Akal Security, which is headquartered in Espanola, New Mexico, the same desert community where Cicely Angleton, wife of the Cold War spymaster, served as covert-operations liaison to Sikh guru Harbajan Singh Khalsa, the cut-out between the Agency and Khalistan secessionist radicals at the Golden Temple in Amritsar, located in the Punjab region of India.