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Ep. 1107 The Purge Begins by Dan Bongino

• Dan Bongino - Bongino.Com

In this episode, I address the stunning developments over the weekend regarding an effort by tech giants to suppress conservative content. I also address the latest sleazy tactic by Adam Schiff to destroy any effort by the President to defend himself. I address the latest ridiculous AOC talking point, which has been picked up by the Democrat candidates for POTUS. Finally, I have two big upcoming announcements.

News Picks:

The Pravda Tech-Overlords are busy censoring conversations about the whistleblower.

This liberal "fact-checking" site was caught lying, again.

The alleged "whistleblower's" lawyer admits his real motive.

Adam Schiff continues his Soviet-style inquisition by refusing the GOP's request to defend the President.

Stunning testimony about Christopher Steele's credibility has surfaced.

The Trump economy is experiencing a middle-class boom, despite liberal lies about it.

No, we're not ALL working two jobs to pay the rent. This is a dopey liberal talking point. Here's the truth.