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Cannabis in Modern Medicine

•, By Joseph Mercola

The first time I interviewed him back in 2014, cannabis laws in the U.S. were quite different, so in this interview, he provides us with a much-needed update. Not only is recreational use of cannabis now legal in California and several other states, but hemp is also legal nationwide, thanks to a change in the farm bill passed at the end of 2018.1 As noted by

"Cannabis is becoming more and more a viable option that people can count on; you can have reliable dosing. There are certainly a lot of bad products out there … In general, we're looking for whole-plant [products].

Hemp is going through a big change now because with the farm bill, the Version 2 hemp is going to be cannabis plants that started with 0.4% tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). I actually developed some of those. Now we just went to 0.3%. With the new farm bill, that's defined as hemp. It's basically whole-plant cannabis … So, it's confusing out there."