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Google Whistleblower Zach Vorhies Speaks Out

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-According to Google whistleblower Zach Vorhies, changes at Google first became noticeable in 2016, after Donald Trump was elected President of the United States

-Google started filtering "fake news," yet Vorhies got concerned when he discovered examples of news stories tagged as fake news that were in fact factual historical events

-Machine Learning Fairness is a Google project that replaces "unfair" search results — even when the unfairness is accurately reflecting worldly reality — with a more fair and balanced search results, thereby artificially altering what people perceive as "reality"

-Vorhies has collected and released 950 pages of Google documents that paint a comprehensive picture of how Google is manipulating public opinion and the political landscape

-The documents clearly reveal Google is far from a neutral platform for information. It has a very clear political agenda, and is using its platform to shape the public view by selectively promoting some content and demoting others

In mid-September 2019, Namely Liberty started publishing a video interview with Google whistleblower Zach Vorhies.1 The interview is broken into four parts, all of which have been included in a playlist further below.

In the featured video above, Vorhies and Maryam Henein, a journalist and functional medicine consultant, discuss Google's suppression of natural health information from holistic health sites such as with Sayer Ji, founder of — another victim of Google's censorship.

I also recently interviewed Vorhies for nearly two hours and will release that incredibly detailed video in the near future. In it, he discusses the tactics Google used to intimidate him into submission after they learned he had turned into a whistleblower.

In a recent article, Henein, perhaps best known for directing the documentary film, "The Vanishing of the Bees," writes:2

"Google has become the digital Thought Police for health content, tampering and manipulating information, and shadow banning health professionals and independent journalists …

I had the honor to interview 39-year-old Zach Vorhies, who served as Senior Software Engineer at Google/YouTube for 8.5 years ... He is Google's Snowden. He's a hero in my book.

And if you use Google, YouTube, Gmail, etc you are being impacted. Vorhies turned whistleblower, releasing a cache of internal documents illustrating that Google is NOT a reliable source of information."

New President Marked a Turn at Google

According to Vorhies, changes at Google first became noticeable in 2016, after Donald Trump was elected President of the United States.

"Before Trump won, Google had this mission statement to organize the world's information and making it universally accessible and useful," Vorhies says.

"After Trump won, they said 'Well, Donald Trump won because of fake news and Russia hacking the election, so what we need to do is … protect our users from fake news; we need to protect our users from the damaging effects of Russian trolls and bots."

It didn't take long before Google got into the business of filtering out what it considered "fake news." However, as pointed out by Vorhies, "What exactly is fake news?"

Perusing the network available to all full-time Google employees, he discovered a PowerPoint presentation describing what Google deemed fake news, and among the examples, he found news reports of events that had, in fact, happened. In other words, they were not made up events, and therefore, logically, could not be classified as fake news stories.

The discovery led Vorhies to wonder, "Are they trying to filter fake news or are they trying to filter actual news by slandering it as fake news?" As he continued digging, he discovered the existence of a then-secret program called "Machine Learning Fairness."3

Machine Learning Fairness — The Alteration of Reality

According to Vorhies, this program was slated to be "unleashed onto the world" without anyone's knowledge. He also claims Google engaged in a deception campaign to make sure people wouldn't find out about it.

"Project Dragonfly" — a completely fake project — was part of this deception campaign, he says. Its sole purpose was to distract the public from Machine Learning Fairness.

The more he learned about Machine Learning Fairness, the more terrified he got. According to Vorhies, "even if the search results reflected actual reality," the program claimed "it can still represent algorithmic unfairness," which would justify "product intervention."


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