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Raced a Tesla

• Eric Peters Auto

I raced a Tesla yesterday. It was a tie – but I won.

If that sounds contradictory, allow me to elucidate.

I was in a brand-new Mustang Bullitt GT – which Ford sent me after I spent a week in the regular GT. The Bullitt is an upgraded but lower-profile, special edition GT that commemorates the famous movie car chase scene featuring Steve McQueen and a Highland Green '68 Mustang GT.

The new Bullitt hasn't got a big-block 390 but it does have 155 more horsepower than the movie car (480 vs. 325) and six gears instead of just four.

The Tesla S I raced had no gears – and made no sound, either.

It was close  . . . in terms of the neck-and-neck. But no contest where it mattered.

The Tesla kept pace with the Bullitt, even edging slightly ahead in between shifts (the electric car's acceleration being entirely linear).

We both dialed things back as Ludicrous Speed approached – neither having decisively won the contest.

But the Bullitt claimed victory nonetheless. Because speed isn't everything – unless you're racing for money, of course. Then nothing else matters. Not looks, not cost – not even fun.

The Bullitt is lots of fun – which the Tesla isn't as much – in part because there is more to do inside the Bullitt than just push down on the accelerator pedal (EVs have no gas pedal) and be taken along for a ride.

The Bullitt – which isn't available with an automatic – requires you to drive it.