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The Demographic Depression Will Overwhelm Central Bankers Over The Upcoming Decade

•, Tyler Durden

This article details where the deceleration began and the extent of the decelerations / declines. The reason this is so important is that the majority of economic growth is driven by the rising demand represented by the growth of the working age population (and their increasing quantity of employed persons). But not just the rise of any population, but those of means, those with savings, and those with access to credit.  This growth drives mega infrastructure projects, buildouts of supply chains, increased production, and ultimate rise in consumer demand. Absent that population growth (particularly among those with means) governments have been "building bridges to nowhere", "building ghost cities", providing "lower for longer", ZIRP, NIRP, and monetizing debt, etc. etc.  This is all ultimately a fools errand only worsening the ultimate reorganization.