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World on brink of unavoidable 'black swan' apocalypse, security panel warns


This type of disaster event is unforeseen and could have catastrophic consequences

The world is on the "brink of a black swan" apocalypse, security experts have warned.

Experts on global security are set to come together to discuss so-called "black swan events" in crunch talks tomorrow.

A black swan event is an unforeseen event that may have catastrophic consequences.

Experts from Germany and the US will discuss this risk in the presence of Russian, Armenian and other delegates at the World Congress on Information Technology tomorrow.

The panel will include national security expert and author Richard Clarke, who manned the White House's emergency response during the September 11th terror attacks.

A black swan event is an unforeseen event that may have a catastrophic consequences (Image: GETTY)

The panel will discuss how the world's internet and AI-controlled systems will cope in the event of a black swan (Image: GETTY)

Ahead of the critical talks, organisers said: "The time has come to ask: are we doing the kind of hard-nosed vulnerability assessments that are necessary of our increasingly complex and fragile infrastructure systems?