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Adam Schiff Exposed Himself As Ed Buck's Buddy In Pizzagate West

• By Yoichi Shimatsu

 Recently returned from a long stint in East Asia, I've been surprised, although not stunned, to discover Schiff's bug eyes must've have protruded due to those L.A. rams, the black sheep with the rough trade out of Maxine Waters' district of Compton and Watts, aka Pizzagate West.

The home-field for the Ukraine controversy is inextricably linked to drugged-out interracial gay homicides in Southern California, as exemplified by his fellow Democrat Ed Buck, pinned to the meth-overdose deaths of three black male sex partners, and as we discover more recently Congressman Adam Schiff, who is suspected of arranging the disposal by acid bath of a black gay lover flushed into the sewer at the Standard Hotel in West Hollywood. Further below Schiff's criminal ties with a Jewish Ukrainian gun-runner, a Democratic Party funder whose fleet of airships conduct 24X7 surveillance over the US-Mexico border without any objections from the Dem Hispanic caucus or AOC-plus-3. California's the hip place, as in hypocrisy.

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