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So What Did You Think of the Sausage? Vote Please

• by Patrick Byrne

If that means, "never," then that means "never," for I cannot set foot in the USA until I am confident the Deep State is getting rolled up. But in the meantime, I really do intend to lay low, not reveal any more than I have, and wait for "the wheels of the Gods to grind slow but grind small" (and preferably, not "slow" for much longer).

Given that I am providing extremely limited access to journalists, I want to find and communicate with only those journos who are in a search for the truth, and ignore those journalists and publications who are engaged in agitprop.

Abha Battarai (@abhabattarai ) of #WashingtonPost (where "Democracy Dies in Darkness") wrote about me last week. You can read her online piece and my deconstruction thereof here: "Come Watch the Sausage Being Made."

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