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The Assassination of JFK: Who was the "Mastermind" -- Johnson or Dulles?

• By Phillip F. Nelson

Was it mere serendipity that caused all of the highest-level men behind the plot to kill President Kennedy to come together and develop a plot to assassinate Kennedy? Or was there a single man who had the forcefulness, the cunning guile, the ruthlessness, and a history of criminal, even murderous, acts and the subsequent power to assure the others that it would be covered up for all time, that there was nothing to worry about?

It took someone with extreme powers of persuasion — like Lyndon B. Johnson, inventor of the famous device called the "Johnson Treatment" who had built a lifetime record of experience pulling people together to accomplish his most nefarious objectives. He was uniquely equipped to accomplish these most brazen and audacious crimes: the criminal ones like stolen elections, flagrant abuse of campaign fund handling, murders of people who got in his way. He had practiced his methods for decades, and had accumulated the kind of expertise required to have pulled together and led the powerful men who agreed to the plan to kill President Kennedy.