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P3Tek Recommends Thorcon Molten Salt Nuclear Reactor for Indonesia

•, by Brian Wang

The study reviewed regulation, safety, economics, and the grid load and concluded the ThorCon TMSR500 liquid fission power plant can supply Indonesia electricity needs in 2026-2027.

ThorCon International is a nuclear engineering company that has expressed interest in developing and building its TMSR500 in Indonesia with an investment of approximately US$1.2 billion.

P3Tek is an agency of the Indonesia Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources. It is the R&D center for electricity technology, new and renewable energy, and energy conservation.

Regulation. The study reported building a ThorCon TMSR500 would meet Indonesia's regulations for nuclear energy safety and performance.

Safety. Many experts have concluded that theoretically, the ThorCon MSR technology has a high level of safety with a passive safety system and simple structure operating at low pressure. It is also cost-effective and produces clean electricity. ThorCon MSR technology can be built in the near future, said nuclear experts Elsheikh from the Egyptian Nuclear Energy Supervisory Agency; Lumbaraja & Liun, senior researchers of BATAN; and Staffan Qvist, one of IAEA's experts from Sweden. Qvist, BATAN and BAPETEN concluded a TMSR500 would respond quickly and safely even in accident scenarios worse than Fukushima.