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Negative Rates Can't Save The Empire: It's The Debt Stupid!

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Central Planning is always destined to fail, and central planners (at everyone else's expense) always do whatever they can to delay the inevitable. Negative interest rates (that is, getting paid to borrow money) would never occur in a free market monetary system. Such a ludicrous idea will only further exacerbate the end of central banking. Debt continues to skyrocket, and the interest payments will only get more unbearable. It's time to audit and then End The Fed.

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Comment by Ed Price
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There isn't any debt. The whole debt idea is a lie and has been for the last 100 years or so. --- When you sign a promissory note (PS) for a loan, suddenly the PS has value. It has value so that you get the amount of the loan in cash or a bank check. Before you signed the PS, it didn't have value, because you couldn't get any money for it. Since it had value after you signed it, you actually created value (money) by signing the PS. After you signed the PS, one of two things happened: a) you prepaid off your own loan so that there wasn't any debt, even after you received the bank money; b) you are the one loaning the money to the bank, which the bank immediately pays off by giving you the cash or bank check. --- There isn't any debt. It's all a lie, designed to make the bankers rich so that they can control the world. And they want to control students through their Ponzi money scheme by making them go into the military if they caqn't pay off their student loans, which don't exist.