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Overstock Founder Sells All! Patrick Byrne vs The Deep State - The Gloves ARE OFF!!!

• Press For Truth

In a bold and calculated move Patrick Byrne, former CEO of is going to war with the deep state! His mission is to save his assets and those of his peers before insiders within the deep state pull the plug on him. Byrne sold all of his stock (and gifted some) to the tune of around $90M and he moved those assets into gold, silver and two cryptocurrencies as a hedge against what he says he sees as a global crisis coming soon at the hands of the deep state. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth takes a look at the motives and goals of Patrick Byrne with this massive sell off as a hedge to a crash, which is similar to what we here at PFT have been saying one should do for years! If you're not yet holding gold/silver or hodling some bitcoin what are you waiting for?

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Comment by Ed Price
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Once it becomes known that there haven't been any bank loans for the last hundred years - that all the loans are fake, and how to prove it in court - the whole banking system will crash, along with the Deep State, and people's trust in Government and the banks. Patrick Byrne is right to do what he is doing. Hope he adds land to his investments - land in areas and ways that Government can't steal it from him. See the comment at