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'Perfectly real' deepfakes will arrive in 6 months to a year, technology pioneer Hao Li says

•, Kevin Stankiewicz

"It's still very easy, you can tell from the naked eye most of the deepfakes," Li, an associate professor of computer science at the University of Southern California, said on "Power Lunch."

"But there also are examples that are really, really convincing," Li said, adding those require "sufficient effort" to create.

"Deepfake" refers to the process using computers and machine-learning software to manipulate videos or digital representations to make them seem real, even though they are not.

The rise of this technology has, however, given rise to concerns about how these creations could cause confusion and propagate disinformation, especially in the context of global politics. Online disinformation through targeted social-media campaigns and apps such as WhatsApp has already roiled elections around the world.