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Yellow Vests Continue - But Increasingly Infiltrated by Violent Leftists

•, Mike Walsh

Clashes between police and exclusively ethnic-European protesters left several people injured.

Some 1,800 people took to the streets of the city on Saturday, September 14, according to police figures (usually half the actual numbers). This week, the Yellow Vests tried a different approach to the protests, avoiding the city's center and hitting different routes instead.

At some point, White working class protesters engaged in scuffles with law enforcement officers. The police blatantly used tear gas to disperse the crowds of infuriated workers. Footage from the scene shows. Water cannons were also deployed.

Although most of the ethno-nationalist French workers marched peacefully, there were around 400 people from the so-called 'black block' attacking and damaging various venues, including a local McDonald's, smashing bus stops and setting dumpsters on fire. At least two protesters and four police cops were injured in the scuffles.

Tension is high and the French workers are deadly serious. Ahead of the rally, the police seized an entire crate of Molotov cocktails. These bottles, filled with kerosene or similar inflammatory, can be lethal.