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Incredible 3-D simulation shows US Navy WWI submarine lying on the seabed after it hit a...


Scientists have managed to recreate a 3D model of a WWI-era US Navy submarine that sank in a bay off the coast of Mexico while patrolling the coast.

Known as USS H-1, the ship was the first H class US submarines to be named Seawolf when it was launched in 1913 and was operated during the First World War (WWI). 

All four sailors on board died trying to reach the shore when it ran aground on a shoal in 1920 after passing through the Panama Canal.

The submarine was off Magdalena Bay when the four servicemen on board, including the commanding officer Lieutenant Commander James R Webb, perished. 

Experts from the Mexican National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) produced a 3D recreation of the USS H-1 wreckage after taking thousands of underwater photos.