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The Navy's newest recruiting strategy: YouTube influencers


The challenge is the same one that generations of students have done before: Engineer a way to stop an egg that's dropped from a high elevation from obliterating on impact.

But Osman is no student. And the location of this egg drop is anything but typical.

Osman is an engineer and professional YouTube influencer who was invited aboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt to compete in an egg-drop competition against a pair of sailors while cameras — lots of cameras — captured every moment on the aircraft carrier.

The entertaining videos that resulted were never intended to appear on television but were targeted at Osman's 1.3 million YouTube subscribers. He's one of a trio of YouTube influencers the Navy chose for a series of "sailor vs." videos that showcase various jobs in the Navy to millions of subscribers focused on niche topics. Each video ends with a link to a Navy recruiting website that features other videos in the series.