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Adhering to Principle to Achieve Liberty, Part 1

•, by Jacob G. Hornberger

I also believe that adherence to principle is key to achieving a free society. Abandoning principle for the sake of popularity, acceptance, or credibility will doom any chance we have for achieving freedom in our lifetime.

Imagine that you live in Alabama in 1858. You learn of a slavery-reform group that calls for better conditions for slaves on the plantations. The group calls for fewer lashings, shorter work hours, better food, and improved healthcare. Even though the organization is being criticized by plantation owners, you decide to join and support it. You want to see the slavery system reformed in positive ways. You are doing your best to make life better for the slaves as they live and work on the plantations. No doubt the slaves will appreciate what you are doing for them.

There is one big problem, however: Slavery reform would not be freedom. Achieving freedom would require the end, not the reform, of slavery.