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Feds Investigate Connecticut Athletics For Letting Boys Compete With Girls


The Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference allows high school athletes to compete based on their subjective identification with the opposite sex, not just their biological sex.

The result has been domination of girls' track and field events by biological males, including by one male who couldn't cut it in male track and then shattered 10 records in female track.

Female athletes in Connecticut say it's a violation of Title IX – and the Department of Education is willing to hear them out.

The agency's Office for Civil Rights in Boston agreed to open an investigation into the allegations by Selina Soule (above), two unnamed students and their parents, including that they faced retaliation from CIAC and the Glastonbury Board of Education for advocating against the "Transgender Participation Policy."

OCR has jurisdiction over the matter because the school district receives federal funding and because the district and other recipients "ceded to the CIAC controlling authority over athletic programs," according to the Wednesday letter from Adrienne Mundy-Shephard, acting regional director.