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Future World Water Projects

•, by brian wang

These values do not include the major water engineering projects that are either planned or under construction. The construction of 3,700 future hydropower dams may require an investment of about USD 2 trillion, excluding operation costs as well as the costs caused by social and environmental damages.

Water is critical to life and civilization and large national projects are being used to radically change rivers. This is the risk of water wars and conflicts. China and India have huge water projects. China has projects which will impact the fishing and farming of India, Bangladesh and the rest of South Asia. China is upriver from Vietnam and India. This will be discussed in more detail in two follow up articles.

In 2018, irrigation accounted for 70% (or 2.7 trillion tons ) of the water resources withdrawn by humans globally from rivers and aquifers. Humans globally withdraw 3.9 trillion tons of water each year.

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