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How to Declare Your Digital Independence from Government and Big Tech


An often-overlooked ingredient of international diversification is spreading your digital presence across multiple friendly jurisdictions.

Just as obtaining a second passport or an offshore bank account can help you obtain significant political diversification benefits, so too can moving your digital presence to multiple jurisdictions.

Most of us today have a significant digital presence, in both our personal and professional lives.

In this digital age, restricting internet access and spying on and/or seizing digital data and otherwise tampering with an individual's digital presence have become new tools in the traditional toolbox of governments.

There's no doubt that Big Tech firms like Google and Facebook, the US government, and numerous others are very much in the business of undermining your privacy and digital sovereignty.

Keeping your digital presence under the jurisdiction of only one unfriendly country—such as the United States—is not prudent.

Diversifying your digital presence is the solution.

This will help you secure your privacy and ensure that no government can pull the plug on your digital life or shut down your online business at the drop of a hat.

For more on this topic we turn to Paul Rosenberg, renowned expert in digital diversification and privacy.

International Man: Why is the United States such an unfriendly place when it comes to your privacy and digital presence?

Paul Rosenberg: It comes down to "because they can," I suppose. Most of these technologies were created in the US, which means that there are more competent technicians available there. But perhaps equal to that has been the fear of the populace in the aftermath of 9/11. It's a sad truth that frightened people do stupid things, and frightened Americans released their rulers from scrutiny.

When you combine the factors above with the innate control obsession of rulers, you get the current mess.

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