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The Silicon Isle: How tech billionaires are turning Caribbean patch of sand and rock...


The tiny island of Moskito is so remote that on a chart it appears little more than a drop in the sun-kissed Caribbean Sea.

But in recent years it has caught the eye of tech billionaires who are turning the tropical enclave into an exclusive playground for the uber-rich.

Richard Branson, who splashed out £10million for the isle in 2007, is spearheading an overhaul of the once undeveloped anchorage point by erecting luxury mansions that are being snapped up by the next generation of moguls. 

The brains behind some of Silicon Valley's most lucrative brands, such as Bebo and InfoSpace are poised to move in to their sprawling estates - which sell for at least £12million - later this year.

Moskito, which stretches for 125-acres and is located off the British Virgin Islands, has seen building works begin on 10 plots of land which will house the super-wealthy, according to the Sunday Times.