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Op-Ed: Area 51 holds secrets, all right, but they don't involve UFOs and aliens


For decades, there have been rumors of a massive federal coverup to disguise the fact that captured aliens and their spacecraft are being held at the facility.

Recently, the campaign to unlock Area 51's mysteries has gotten a huge boost from a Facebook campaign, launched as a joke, that is soliciting participants to storm the facility on Sept. 20. Nearly 2 million people have said they will turn out.

While the gate-stormers are unlikely to come back with alien souvenirs, they are right that the government is trying to hide something. There are secrets at Area 51 that should be dragged into public view, and the public has every reason to distrust the government's statements about the site.

In the late 1990s, I represented workers at Area 51 who were suffering from health issues and trying to find out what toxic substances they had been exposed to on the base.