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The CUMULATIVE effect from a child's first 6 years of 60 vaccines...

•, by: S.D. Wells

Children today grow up in a much more toxic food and medicine "environment" than us adults did just 30 to 40 years ago. Back in the 1970s and 80s, children weren't bombarded with dozens of vaccines during their first months of life, and conventional food wasn't corrupt with bug-killing and weed-killing pesticides that affect cognition, development, memory, behavior, and social and motor skills.

Heavy metal toxins like mercury and aluminum are easily found in today's vaccines, including the ever-popular and deadly flu shots, that are highly recommended (even when they admit they picked the wrong viral strains) for all U.S. pregnant women and then their fragile babies at six months.

Yes, the multi-jab still contains mercury, and at high levels too. Then there's tap water that contains sodium fluoride – a byproduct of the phosphate mining industry that doubles as an insecticide. Fluoride in tap water causes lowered IQ, chronic inflammation and eventually, brittle bones and cancer. Combine that with GMOs and 60 vaccines in six years and what have you got? What's in your baby's "formula?" Sure hope it's not FDA or CDC recommended.

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