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Toyota reveals full line-up of support robots for 2020 Olympics

•, Paul Ridden

Leading the field will be two mascot robots – the blue and white Miraitowa and the pink and white Someity. The job of the mascots will be to welcome athletes and guests to official venues, recognizing people via a camera mounted on their heads and responding with their eyes and perhaps raising an arm for a handshake.

If folks aren't able to witness the activities of the mascots first hand, the T-HR3 humanoid robot will try and fill in as best it can by mimicking the movements of Miraitowa or Someity in real time. The T-HR3 will also be able to interact with people, such as high-fiving athletes, and feed images and sounds of remote scenes to visitors.

The T-TR1 has a camera sitting on the top of its large display, and will serve as a virtual mobility or telepresence robot. The aim is to bring event coverage to people who can't actually attend, and even allow folks to interact with those at the robot's location.

The Field Support Robot will trundle along autonomously and retrieve thrown objects such as javelins and shots, easing the burden on human staff while keeping them out of harm's way.