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The 6 Best Podcast Managers for Your Windows PC


Podcasts are surging in popularity. And why not? They give you new ideas, expand your horizons in personal and professional growth, and allow you to learn new things in your areas of interest.

Many people listen to podcasts on mobile. If you use a Windows PC and want to listen to podcasts, then your best option is to use a desktop client. Here are some of the best podcast managers for Windows 10 and every kind of audiophile.

1. iTunes

podcast section of iTunes app

iTunes is a popular podcast manager for Windows. The iTunes Store has an extraordinary selection of podcasts in every category, including news, sports, philosophy, technology, and more. Its vast catalog and intuitive podcast management features make the app invaluable.

To see the catalog of podcasts, choose Podcasts in the Media Picker and click Store in the navigation bar. Find the podcast page in the Store, then click the Subscribe button located just below the icon.

iTunes will periodically check for updates and notify you when new episodes are available. As you start listening, you'll find better recommendations, new podcasts, or you can browse for the top podcasts if you're getting started.


There is a vast collection of teaching and learning resources. You can subscribe to podcasts in your language, listen to language courses for free, learn grammar, and practice for IELTS or TOEFL.

iTunes offers you many options to manage and display episodes from the podcast. You can sort episodes, download or delete played items automatically, and more.

You can create a podcast station to group different types of podcasts or a separate station for video podcasts. By default, iTunes includes only the most recent episodes, but you can tweak this.


If you don't own any iOS devices, using iTunes just for podcasts is overkill. It consumes too much CPU and RAM.

The smart playlist option for iTunes automatically chooses songs based on your conditions and trigger. Unfortunately, it's not available for podcasts. You can only create simple/custom playlists.

Download: iTunes from Apple Website or Microsoft Store (Free)

2. Grover Podcast

Grover podcast app for windows