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Advancing Liberty Through Principles

• Jacob Hornberger

A film company has just completed a short and succinct promotional video for The Future of Freedom Foundation that emphasizes our principled approach to advancing liberty. I am writing to ask you to help us employ a professional marketing firm to market the video and to bring FFF's uncompromising perspectives on freedom to the attention of a wider audience.

Principles are everything. They are the key to achieving the free society for which we yearn. That is why, in the entire 29-year history of FFF, we have never advocated reform of any welfare-warfare-state program. Freedom entails the dismantling, repeal, abolition, or end to infringements on liberty.

All great movements for liberty have been led by a small minority of people committed to principle. It is principles that have brought us such grand achievements as freedom of religion, freedom of the press, freedom of speech, the right to keep and bear arms, due process of law, habeas corpus, and trial by jury.

Adhering to principle will bring us economic liberty and an end to America's disastrous socialist experiment with mandatory charity through the welfare state. People have the fundamental, natural, God-given right to engage freely in economic activity without governmental interference, to trade freely and interact with whomever they want anywhere in the world, to keep the fruits of their earnings, and to decide for themselves what to do with their own money.

Adhering to principle will also bring us the restoration of a limited-government republic and an end to America's disastrous imperialist and militarist experiment with a national-security state, along with its foreign policy of interventionism and never-ending wars and its dark-side practices of assassinations, coups, torture, partnerships with dictatorial regimes and criminal organizations, surveillance, embargoes, sanctions, and indefinite detention in military dungeons and prison camps.

If we are to win over the critical mass of people who genuinely want freedom, it is imperative that we continue introducing the principled and uncompromising case for liberty into the marketplace of ideas.