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"Our Country Has Been Corrupted:" Billionaire Tom Steyer Launches Presidential Bid


Out with the old, in with the new.

The rumors were true. Billionaire hedge fund manager Tom Steyer is running for president. He joins the already overcrowded field of candidates one day after Eric Swalwell became the first contender to end his campaign, and as Joe Biden watches his lead shrink following a gaffe where he praised two pro-segregation senators.

In a campaign video and a series of tweets, Steyer, who financed a petition campaign and participated in a poorly attended speaking tour to convince Democrats to impeach President Trump, exhorted 'the people' to vote for him in order to take the country back from the special interests and the people who have rigged the system.

Steyer also railed about how politicians have placed 'getting reelected' over 'doing what's right.' Cutting taxes for businesses has "corrupted our country" Steyer said. And he's taken on corporations and won.