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Opioid pharma giant ordered to pay $225 million-

• by Ethan Huff

Insys Therapeutics of Chandler, Arizona, is reportedly having to fork out $225 million in fines to the federal government for bribing doctors to prescribe as much fentanyl and other opiates as they could get away with – including to patients who didn't even need them.

Described as the "driving force" behind America's ongoing opioid epidemic, the shady "distribution scheme" hatched by Insys involved contracting with doctors to illicitly prescribe opioids in exchange for high-paying "sham speeches" – a pay-for-play trafficking conspiracy, in other words, that's made pill-pushing doctors and Insys obscenely wealthy.

Under the guise of giving "educational" talks, the corrupt doctors that partnered with Insys were basically just getting big paychecks for prescribing large amounts of Sybsys, the brand-name fentanyl drug marketed by Insys for pain.