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Samsung goes big and goes home with massive 292-inch The Wall Luxury TV

•, Darren Quick

Starting out with a 146-inch model at CES last year, Samsung upped its game at CES this year with a 219-inch version before outdoing itself just a month later at Integrated Systems Europe with a 292-inch behemoth. Now you'll be able put one of those 292-in monsters in your living room, providing you've got a wall big enough to accommodate it.

The Wall is built using Micro LED display technology, which is different to the LED-backlit LCDs used in the current crop of commercially available TVs. Rather than an LED backlight being transmitted through an LCD panel as is the case with so-called LED TVs, the individual pixels of the Micro LED display are made up of individual LEDs – much like stadium scoreboards, just on a smaller scale.

The technology has the advantage of producing perfect blacks and an infinite contrast ratio because the individual pixels/LEDs can be turned off completely, just like in OLED displays. However, getting the LEDs micro enough for such a display has been difficult, but now that Samsung has managed it, the company is looking to recoup some of its R&D investment.