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When Whining Becomes A Weapon: The Latest YouTube Ad-pocalypse

• by Tom Luongo

And it won't stop, folks. The latest incident involving hard-left Vox writer Carlos Maza whining to YouTube about Steven Crowder making fun of him is not only chilling but pathetic.

Carlos Maza is an activist who makes a living in the public forum. He is openly gay. Uses the twitter handle @gaywonk and regularly spews nothing but thinly-veiled violent rhetoric at anyone slightly to the right of Berthold Brecht.

Crowder's crime is describing Maza in terms that Maza uses himself but does so derisively. And for that Maza believes Crowder shouldn't have a platform on which to make a living.

This is now considered harrassment by emotionally-stunted man-babies.

And I'm not talking about Maza, here.

I'm talking about YouTube.