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Jim Stone's main laptop and tablet get hacked after he exposed how Stuxnet...

•, NaturalWisdom

That is why the site has been sparse today. They also nailed the tablet I am working on now, and cut its performance drastically while it now gets super hot and the battery went from 8 hours to two in one whack. But at least I can post through the combat mode window.

ANYWAY the main laptop is in the freezer now to hopefully get the bug out of RAM but I do not think it will work this time. SO to celebrate pissing them off again (actually to celebrate scaring them bad enough to attack again) I am going to lay it all out briefly once more, on a tiny bluetooth keyboard and overheating 7.5 inch screen . . . . .

So here is their reward for "bugging it good". Fukushima, the condensed version.