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Israeli 'intelligence' is fostering US bellicosity toward Iran -- but 'quietly'

•, Philip Weiss

And several mainstream sources have said that Israel is behind some of that intelligence. Because, as even the New York Times says, "The gathering clouds seemed of a piece with Mr. Netanyahu's agenda."

If Donald Trump has an agenda in the Middle East, it's Benjamin Netanyahu's. Lately the president has gone to the extraordinary length of endorsing Netanyahu's desperate efforts to build a governing coalition– interfering in another country's election process.

But as usual, Israel is maintaining a low profile in the story of the U.S.'s aggressive actions aimed at Iran. It's more of a murmurous undertone in the reporting.

Let's review some of the reporting on Israel's push for war with a regional rival, at a time when the U.S. is deploying ships and 1500 soldiers to the Gulf, and John Bolton, the national security adviser who came to Trump straight outta Sheldon Adelson's back pocket, is threatening "unrelenting force" and regime change re Iran.