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Paging Agent Mulder: UFO Hunter Spies New Underground Base Near Area 51 (VIDEO)


While the US Air Force facility known as Area 51 has already become the staple of conspiracy theories regarding extraterrestrial spacecraft and alien lifeforms, famous UFO hunter Scott C. Waring now claims that a new underground installation is being constructed in the vicinity.

According to Waring, who had apparently stumbled upon this discovery while studying satellite maps, the new facility is located 55 miles to the north-east of Area 51's perimeter.

He also took note of two fields located near the base, speculating that these crops may be "grown for genetic research".

"They are altering the genetics of the plants for unknown reason. This worries me…because if they are doing genetic research…then why do they need an underground base to do the research? Unless of course it includes other research that could endanger the public", Waring pondered.

One YouTuber, however, claimed that Waring's discovery is merely "an artwork allegedly being made by a single artist" who has been given continuous grants to build these mounds for years.